Movie Review: Les Miserable

Hello Earthlings,

It’s been a while.

I watched the Movie “Les Miserable” yesterday, one of the greatest novels of all-time in my opinion, and the movie was amazing.

The events of the story play in the 1800’s. It starts in 1815, when Jean Valjean is released from jail after being locked up for 19 years, and that’s for stealing a loaf of bread to save his hungry nephew.

We follow Jean Valjean throughout the years; seeing him transform from a man wronged by the law who wanted revenge and sought justice, to a man filled with love and forgiveness and tolerance. He suffered throughout the years, living on the run from that annoyingly cruel detective, but still maintained his forgiveness and compassion. I think what made him sane the most was Cosset, the girl he took in and took care of.

The story plays some true historical events, with many fictional characters, and we can see that when the events of the story lead us to the french revolution in 1832. or should I say “the failed revolution”. This event is also known as the “June Rebellion”.

The rebellion lasted for one day (from June 5 of 1832 to June 6, 1832), and it was led by Parisian students, republicans, where they represented the poor and needy. France was facing a lot of economic problems such as food shortage, harvest failure, and the increase in the living costs.

NOTE: The Insurgent Barricade by Mark Trauggot is a great book to learn more about the June Rebellion and the barricades. Here’s a link to an excerpt:

In 2009, The Telegraph rated Les Miserable, by Victor Hugo, as one of the 100 novels everyone should read; it ranked in 36 ( ). And I think thats a testament as to how great this novel is; other newspapers and reviewers gave it a high rating as well.

I remember reading the book years ago, a short version of it though. and then I watched the 1998 movie which was actually quit good (1998 movie trailer: ). So recently the book club that I’m part of suggested reading the book, and I got the classic novel (1500+ pages). The funny thing is though, I didn’t connect the classic story with the old story I read, there were so many details that I didn’t recognize it.

And today I went to the movies and watched Les Miserable of 2012 that featured some of my favorite actors such as Hugh Jackman and Anne Hathaway. The movie was long but still amazing. Sadly, I saw many people walk out of it. And I’m assuming thats because they don’t know the story of the movie, because everyone I know that loved it knew the story from before.

Yes the movie was a musical, the dialog was sung by the actors themselves. It was different…. interesting kind of different… and I must admit there were some boring parts where I wanted to fast forward, but over all it was amazing. The part where Anne Hathaway sang I dreamed a dream was amazing; it was filled with emotions. But my favorite scene was the closing scene, when all the dead souls sung in the shining morning in hope for a better France. (2012 movie trailer: )

I recommend people to watch the movie, and if they didn’t read the story just read a summary of it and get an idea first, or else they might not enjoy the movie as much.

Thats it for now,

Until next time,


Fatma Bujsaim



Steal from me & i’ll steal from you.

A while ago my sister gave me a call sounding very furious… She told me that one of her shots on instagram was stolen by someone and used without giving her credit…

She was very offended and upset because 1- The person who stole it was a friend, 2- the person did not even reference it, 3- although my sister was not a professional photographer, she still loved the photos she took very much.

The storm calmed down and we forgot all about it. The anger and frustration was gone. (Note that my sister has spoken to this person and told her that she could not use her photos without her permission)…

Today, I discovered that one of my shots was stolen… If it was any of my random photos I would say “the hell with it,” but it wasn’t; It was a very personal shot, one that was close to my heart & so are the people in it. The picture was stolen from my instagram account and posted in this persons account.

I was (and still am) very angry with this person. How dare they?! Even though I posted the picture and made it public, it was still MY choice and no one has the right to re-post ANYTHING without my permission. So to re-post photos and act dumb by adding a comment of: oh they/its beautiful! who/what is this? (the comment is made up because if I wrote the actual comment I’ll have to reference the owner)

Well EXCUSE ME but you have just made it personal. EXTREMELY personal. It is both rude and pathetic of you. Do you know how offending it is? Would it be ok with you if I stole your picture and re-posted it? or a picture of someone/something you loved?

What is the problem with people and stealing content?! Tweets, photos on instagram, blackberry statuses, Facebook updates, etc. are being stolen without even second thoughts!

Don’t they know that plagiarism is a crime?! wait, lets take a step back; do they even know what plagiarism is?!!!

Plagiarism is not borrowing, or “copying”; it’s stealing.

The Merriam-Webster online dictionary defines plagiarism as:

  • to steal and pass off (the ideas or words of another) as one’s own
  • to use (another’s production) without crediting the source
  • to commit literary theft
  • to present as new and original an idea or product derived from an existing source.

( NOTE: This definition is copied from ) <<< See it wasn’t so hard for me to add a link and reference where I got the definition from… Is it so hard for others to reference?! I’m not even asking for APA of MLA style. I’m just asking for the simplest reference!

How would you feel if your work was stolen? How would you feel if someone did what you did? Wont you feel offended? Disrespected?

I could easily add a signature to my shots, but I don’t because I expect people to respect me the way I respect them. Sue me for thinking in an ideal mentality, but people should at least respect others. I don’t care if you know them or not, just RESPECT them. Respect their work. Respect their life.

If its ok with you, then its not ok with me. And I bet its not ok with others as well. Or else universities and schools and the whole world wouldn’t be fighting against plagiarism.

I don’t think there’s more to say. I won’t ask anyone to stop plagiarism. I won’t tell you its rude. I’ll just say one thing: get ready for your work to be stolen as well just to teach you a damn lesson.

I apologize if I offended anyone, no actually I don’t. Because if anyone got offended they most probably deserved it because they stole something from someone at some point. (Yes you can tell i’m very annoyed by now).

Good night.

Fatma Bujsaim,

September 3rd, 2012.

horrors of the night

Something I wrote last night just for fun,

Hope you enjoy it.


A sun clipped paper hanging up the door…
The ceiling painted with blue and white fluffy clouds…
But the fog crawls from under the bed…
Filling the room more and more…
The darkness spreads around in a matter of minutes…
Seconds maybe…
Noises coming from everywhere…
Only getting louder and louder…
Hide under the sheets and then there’s…. Silence…
Its dark and quiet…
But its warm…
Its safe…
Take a moment to think…
Take a moment to drift away…
And a new day begins again.


Fatma Bujsaim

June 1st, 2012.

When all…

When all is gray, and there’s nothing left.

Nothing but a small shining pebble in the sky,

Might be a star, might be the moon,

Not even sure what everything is.


When all is blue, and there’s no sun anymore.

No sunshine, no clouds, no rainbow.

Might be lost, might be confused,

Not even sure where everyone is.


When all turn out not what they seemed.

When gray isn’t gray, when blue isn’t blue,

When all the colors in the world are no colors at all

Life begins again.


We choose to live

We choose to survive

We choose to make life worth living

In our own way


Is it to start over, and begin again?

Or is it to move on and write a new story?

Can we live and forget

Or will our memories keep haunting us


So when all is gray

When all is blue

When nothing seems what it seems

Choose to live.



Fatma Bujsaim


The four corners of the world

This piece of art was written by one of my classmates in the Sheikh Mohammed bin Zayed Scholars Program (NYUAD).

I was talking about my four close friends, and it inspired him to write something that he later shared with me.

I hope you enjoy reading it as much as I did,

Fatma Bujsaim


The four corners of the world


Four … a number that makes every part of life. When lost, it’s four that finds your way. The northern skies, the western beauty, the eastern deserts and the southern waters. All together make the world we live in.


The Northern skies that gleam dreaming in the midst of night. The sparkles and stars shine bright with its hope upon our sight. For she looks upon us even in darkness to shine upon her light. For she is wind, an element that helps shapes the rockiest terrain or the driest desserts. From her are we shaped and molded to the earth we live in.


The western beauty of lush full greens and enchanted forests. Her innocents cultivate the world and inhabits the beauty we live in today. She’s neither strong, nor weak, but for sure she is wise and passionate.  An inhabit of all living things, she accepts all and hates none. She sees no black nor white, but yellow, green and blue. A crazy chipmunk they say, whose life is dependent on her friends, just as theirs on hers. For she is the element of earth, that glooms vegetation, inhabits all living things, and takes most passionate care of all those who care for her.


The Eastern deserts, both brave and strong. Her oasis helps those in need during the harshest of climates. She’s tough and straightforward. Her nomad inhabitants listen to her advice. When the dunes are shaped, and the sand is wet, she will advice her way through your heart. Even if rejected, she will cover you amongst shades of palm trees and dates. For she is the element of fire. Both fierce and independent. She is what keeps us warm in cold desert nights. She’s the joy of our life, the sweet smell of survival.


The Southern waters of change and life. A constant survivor of thunderous storms and polluted seas. She is in constant desire to push and expand. Yet, she’s gentle and beautiful. Her running waters rip through the earth to cultivate all those who live near. Her purity and desire to share is what keeps this whole planet alive. She’s the eyes of adventure and tongue of affection. She’s the element of water. She will bend seas and rip the oceans apart in search of your happiness. She speaks of no tradition or setbacks, for she is the waters of change, which adapt and flourish all those around her.


Together combined, they make up the mother of all things. Some call her Gaia, others call her mother nature. But for us. She is the Heart of the world. The beating drums of war, the passionate love of the trees, the blue skies of a storm and the shimmering light of the night. She is the element of Soul. Where all living things come together by joy, sadness or rage. She’s the mother to us all, the pillar of our existence together, and the smile of our faces. She’s the center of gravity that keeps all the elements in place. When she falls, they all work in hand to lift up the existence of earth.


All five are the joy, passion, love and hope in this world. Combined they make the strongest of friendships and passionate of dreamers. Combined, they are the hope of tomorrow, the stories of yesterday, the writers of sorrow and the excitement today.

By: Nasser AlFalasi (


(In my head, I am here. Enjoying being alone with me, myself, and maybe my book)

At some point in our lives, everything moves fast. Things change in a very fast ways, and time passes in an even faster pace…

To me, that time was from 2009 to 2011… I don’t know when exactly did it start, but everything changed.

Old friends drifted away, new ones came into my life.

New family members, and different traditions were introduced.

My career path diverted.

My dreams are now painted on a different canvas.

2009, 2010, and 2011 were the busiest years of my life; especially from late 2010 until June 2011.

In the summer of 2011, things still changed. But I wasn’t busy with university or projects anymore. I took a break and travelled with my uncle, away from my family.

It was a long vacation. But it was fun, refreshing, and eye opening.

I came back and I didn’t attend university like all my friends.

Yes, it is my last year (senior year) but I have no courses; I overloaded myself the year before so I am free now.

Except I’m not as free as I thought I would be.

I got busy planning my brothers wedding, attending the Shaikh Mohamed Bin Zayed Scholars Program (in NYUAD), and doing other stuff.

Day by day, my life pulled me away from my friends and the people around me. And for some reason, I didn’t fight it… I let it be.

They called and texted me every now and then, I replied, but I never got too involved.

A huge part of me missed my friends. But another part just wanted to be alone.

I find myself today in my room alone. And when I think of my life, the only thing that comes to my mind is “solitude”.

I am alone.

I am isolated.

I am empty.


I am at peace.

And I am happy.

I know this will not last. I know I’ll have to get back to everyone around me. But for now, for this short while, I want to enjoy being alone. Being far away from everything and everyone, in my own little private island of thoughts.

One of my friends asked me a couple of days ago where was I, and told me that I’ve been missed. I told her the truth of my own reality. That I was busy and then found myself away from everyone and I enjoyed the loneliness.

She understood and told me to take my time… What surprised me is, she asked me how I did it, because she wanted to take a break from everyone herself.

So I decided to write this post,

To explain how I found myself where I am at the moment, and that I didn’t purposely do it,

To apologize for not writing anything lately on my blog,

To remind my friends that I still care, but I hope you’ll understand that at some point, everyone needs a break from not only everyone, but also their own life.


Fatma Bujsaim